e-School for Student Athletes

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What is "e-School for Student Athletes"?


  • Guaranteeing the right to study for student athletes
  • Fostering their academic basis with online curriculum materials
  • Developing student athlete competence through sports-centered online career education


All middle and high schools nationwide with student athletes


  • Provision of regular curriculum-based educational materials
    Providing educational materials and tools that meet the regular curriculum
    (Open Secondary Schools-based curriculum)
  • Specialized online learning programs for student athletes
    Support for supplementary learning of class absences due to participation in training and competitions
  • Effectiveness of Student Learning Management and Guidance
    Provision of online [learning materials] and [certificate of course completion]
  • Easy access to learning
    Regardless of time or location, anyone can access with PC, mobile devices or tablets.


Regular Curriculum Run-Up Curriculum
Details A program that provides compensates for students’ class absences during the semester due to competition and training A program offered during vacation that nurtures students who do not reach the minimal education level
Target All middle and high schools nationwide with student athletes Student athletes who fail to achieve 40% of the grade average in middle school and 30% in high school in each subject
Subjects Assignments of Open Secondary School-based Curriculum Materials (Middle School), Korean, English, Math, Social Studies, Science (5 Subjects)
(High School) Korean, English, Social Studies (three subjects, dependable on schools)