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What is “Online Class”?

  • “Online Class” offers both synchronous and prerecorded classes that may be accessed through the internet with any Information Technology devices
    (PC, mobile devices, and tablet PC).
  • Commissioned to the Korean Educational Development Institute by the Ministry of Education, this project is operated to aid middle and high school students.


Middle and high school students who are transfer students who need to complete some elective subjects

When should we use “Online Class”?

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  • 천재지변, 질병, 장기입원 등
  • 관련 전공 교사 부족으로 인한 교과 미개설
  • 집중이수제로 인한 미이수
  • 전학.편입으로 인한 미이수
  • 소수 학생의 선택으로 인한 교과 미개설
  • 산업체 현장실습
  1. Step1 (Instructor) Online Class Registration
    Instructor makes an account on the Online Class website (www.onlineschool.or.kr) and
    registers the class (student registration, class registration)
  2. Step2 (Student) Online Class Account Registration
    Student makes an account on the Online Class website
  3. Step3 (Student) Online Class Application
    Access website to take class (receive learning management and guidance from instructor)
  4. Step4 (Instructor) Online Class Completion
    - Check website or official letter for final evaluation results (progress report, assignment turn-in)
    - Academic Evaluation Committee will determine class completion
※ Depending on the Ministry of Education or affiliated school, there may be additional evaluations or classes that require attendance.