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What is “School For You”?

  • School For You is a system for supporting education for students with health disabilities operated by the Center For Digital Education Research of the Korea Education Development Institute.
  • Students with health disabilities who have difficulty attending school due to chronic diseases can conveniently learn and receive recognition anytime, anywhere through School For You.


  • Students with health disabilities in elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide.
  • Students who are absent for a long period of 3 months or more due to traffic accidents and burns


  • Video Classes
    • ‘Content Utilization-oriented Class’ for useful learning and attendance
    • Customized learning that allows you to select subjects and times
    • Providing various subject contents based on regular curriculum and contents for creative experiences
  • Online Video Classes
    • ‘Real-time interactive class’ with friends
    • Customized learning based on major subjects
    • Active communication and participation with online homeroom teachers and peers
  • Easy and convenient learning and attendance management
    • Learning and attendance can be recognized at the same time as membership registration
    • Easy and convenient study and attendance check anytime, anywhere
  • Support for management and learning of online teachers
    • Online homeroom teacher assignment for each student
    • Periodic learning management and counseling through phone calls, text messages, notes, etc.