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    of Education
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  • Metropolitan and
    Provincial Offices
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Future Education Research Division

Digital Education Research Center

  • Research and Planning
    • Oversee and support the Center’s projects
    • Support basic research
    • Run a Research School
    • Run an evaluation committee for learning experience recognition system
  • Operation of Open Middle·High Schools
    • Provide consulting service for the establishment and operation of Open Middle·High Schools
    • Plan and support academic affairs of Open Middle·High Schools
    • Support Open Middle·High School’s related personnel association
    • Run Open Middle·High School’s learning experience recognition system
    • Advertize Open Middle·High Schools
  • Teaching & Learning Development
    • Plan Open Middle·High School’s curriculum
    • Develop and disseminate Open Middle·High School’s contents
    • Provide support for enhancing basic academic capability of Open Middle·High Schools 3
  • System Development and Operation
    • Operation and maintenance of cyber education system
    • Operation and maintenance of IT Infrastructure/security
    • Support for Open Secondary School students’ capability to utilize ICT
  • Learning Support
    • E-school for student-athletes
    • Learning support for the unschooled/dropouts
  • e-Learning
    • Distance learning classes for students with health impairment
  • Online classes
    • Operation of Online classes
  • Online Common Education Course
    • Operation of Online Common Education Course