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The Digital Education Research Center has pushed ahead with education support projects for the underprivileged.

Projects for those who do not obtain middle school diploma

Establishment and Operation of Open Secondary Schools

  • Projects executed by Open Secondary Schools
    • Establish operation systems of Open Secondary Schools
    • Analyze prospective students and provide consulting services for the establishment·operation
    • Offer specialized programs considering the characteristics of students
    • Provide education curricula that correspond with the characteristics of Open Secondary Schools
    • Create and operate the Credit Recognition System for extracurricular learning experience
      - I ntroduce the Credit System and offer flexibility in duration required for graduation

Projects for school-age students enrolled in Open Secondary School

Offer online classes to strengthen the right to learn and select subjects

  • Projects executed by online classes
    • Address the problems of general middle and high school students not completing the required curriculum and to offer additional subjects to choose from
    • Systematic learning management through subject teacher
    • Quality management through online verification learning and evaluation
  • E-School project for student- athletes
    • Provide online classes to fulfill the right to education for student-athletes
    • Enhance student-athletes’ lowered academic ability caused by their absence from class
    • Provide programs to assist students who lack basic academic ability
  • School For You by elementary and secondary course operation business
    • Fulfill the right to education and help students get back into learning
    • Improve the quality of education for students with health impairment
    • Help students gain emotional stability
    • Set up a system tailored to students with health impairment

Projects for the unschooled and dropouts

Support and recognize their academic achievement

  • Projects to support the unschooled and school dropouts
    • Provide opportunity to gain recognition and develop programs to support learning for out-of-school students
    • Set criteria and system to acknowledge academic achievement for out-of-school students
      - Form·run a committee and procedures of Educational Credential Evaluation
    • Establish criteria and system of learning support program for out-of-school students
      - Form·run a committee, indicators, criteria, and procedures of designation