Admission Information

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◎ Total Enrollment
  • It depends on the enrollment numbers of the classes in each school and the fixed number of students
◎ School year : 3 years
◎ Total Enrollment
  • A student with a middle school diploma or a prospective graduate
  • A student who passed the qualification exam for high school
  • A student who dropped out of high school
  • A student who attended regular school for more than 9 years in either a foreign country or North Korea

Application schedule

◎ Application method : First come, first served
◎ Application period
  • New student admission: late January to late February
  • Transfer student admission: late January to late February, mid-August
◎ Distribution & Submission of Application forms
  • Distribution of application forms: 40 Open Secondary Schools nationwide
  • Submission: summit the documents to the location where you will attend
◎ Documents
  • One copy of application form
  • One copy of a middle school diploma or certificate of a prospective graduate
  • One copy of Social Security Card
  • More than three copies of a picture of the applicant (3.5 x 4.5)
  • One copy of certificate of national beneficiary (only if applicable)
  • A written consent form authorizing Open Secondary Schools to use personal information

Application Procedures

  1. 1. Check the condition of the admission
  2. 2. Submit all the documents in person at the school
  3. 3. Submit an application form and a student card after you sign
  4. 4. Payment of tuition at office of administration
  5. 5. Enroll
  6. 6. Join Open Secondary Schools e-School Homepage