U-learning open schools

where dreams of learning come true

Open Secondary Schools are the first step for your hope.

Open High Schools, which first opened its doors in 1974, and Open Middle Schools, established starting from 2013, have delivered on its commitment to living up to the value of life-long secondary education that has taken on greater significance in the recent years.

Open High School, which is equipped with nationwide education network, not only provides cyber education system using high-tech information communication technology to offer easy and convenient ways to study, but also focuses on offering customized education including basic academic skills training and character/career education according to students‘ characteristics.

As a result of these tremendous efforts, a vast majority of Open Middle School graduates has entered Open High Schools and a considerable number of Open High School graduates have been enrolling in colleges over the past years. Having gone through the entire history of Open Secondary Schools, the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) is very honored and proud to witness the progress made so far.

Meanwhile, Open Secondary Schools never rest on their laurels. They are aimed towards the vision of ‘creating a customized open learning society through the integration of education and ICT’ in pursuit of ‘u-learning open secondary schools where the dream of learning comes true.’ In this sense, Open Secondary Schools continue to strive to provide more opportunities of digital-based regular education for the underprivileged while creating a teaching and learning environment based on intelligence information technology in order to meet the secondary education needs of a lifelong learning society.

By providing closely-knit support for schools underpinned by continuous research and studies, the KEDI is committed to improving the educational achievement made by Open Secondary Schools and taking initiatives in realizing progressive education policies for the underprivileged, as well as providing assistance for Open Secondary Schools to take a giant leap towards constant development.

Additionally, we will render full support for production and exchange of knowledge, communication as well as information sharing. We pledge to put all our efforts into education innovation for those who experienced educational disadvantage through continuous self-reflection and discussion. Also, we would like to ask for your continued interest and strong support.

Sang Jin Ban
President, Korean Educational Development Institute