U-learning open schools

where dreams of learning come true

Open Secondary Schools are the first step for your hope.

Open High School was established in 1974 to meet the needs and wishes of students who could not pursue a high school education for a variety of reasons. Students can make their dreams of learning come true, experience the precious memories of high school that last a lifetime, and have an opportunity to challenge themselves with better options for their future, through obtaining their high school diploma. In addition, 220,000 alumni of Open High School are now working in various professional fields and constantly developing their careers.

Korean Educational Development Institute has been providing the opportunity of secondary education for the students who dropped out of school or missed learning opportunities for a variety of reasons and has supported the efforts of Open High School to make their dreams come true. With this effort, the first state ‘Open Middle School’ opened in Daegu and Gwangju in 2013, which has been providing the opportunity of learning for the students who could not pursue a middle schooling level education.

Open Secondary Schools tried to improve the operation system and the teaching-learning system once again to meet the needs in the rapidly changing world. First, we have completed to meet the legal and institutional conditions pertaining to the establishment of Open Middle School and have set the ground for the credit-based certification system to stabilize and settle. Along with this, we have developed a variety of specified curriculum such as learner-centered basic education, professional curriculum, and personality education. Also, we have been taking the lead in another educational change and innovation through cyber educational system changes followed by the implementation of new system and multimedia learning tools.

Korean Educational Development Institute will try its hardest to help students who have strong desires to learn to make their dreams come true by broadening opportunities for learning and enhancing the educational quality. We kindly ask you to reciprocate attention and support in the future, as well.
Thank you.

ChaeChun Gim
President, Korean Educational Development Institute