Main propulsion Projects

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Center for Open Secondary Schools is supporting the open schools through continuous research planning, educational management, development & operation of the contents, and management of the learning infrastructures.

1. Research planning

  • Planning for operation of Open Secondary Schools
  • Research & Improvement on current issues of Open Secondary Schools
  • Innovation of the system and operating system of Open Secondary Schools
  • Fundamental research on Open Secondary Schools
  • Managing the research school

2. Educational management

  • Planning for promotion of Open Secondary Schools
  • Supporting the council for people concerned with Open Secondary Schools
  • Operating teacher training system
  • Researching the trend of foreign institute and training people concerned abroad
  • Supporting the educational operations
  • Operating the comprehensive consulting station

3. Development & Operation of the content

  • Content development of Internet-based instruction and maintenance
  • developing and distributing learning materials

4. Management of the learning infrastructures

  • Operating e-School
  • e-School system maintenance
  • Operating computational devices, software, and integrated security management